We celebrate widely, we take great care

Honor guests at his home. For only 999 dinars, send guests a service on their rotating board to their address.

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Lovers of good taste and balanced meals know that the secret to our success and the quality of our products is the result of careful listening to the needs of true gourmets.By preserving tradition, and with the application of the cutting-edge technological advances, we provide a unique harmony of culinary taste's

Neoplanta Delikates
Neoplanta Delikates

Neoplanta products

Thanks to our long-standing business tradition, Neoplanta products deliver the best taste for every occasion. We win over our customers with the freshness and rich taste, high quality, and seductive, delicious flavors of our product's

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Pipi&Gudi Competition

Pipi and Gudi continue with fantastic activities, so this time too, loyal consumers will have the opportunity to win valuable prizes.

New kulen in Vojvodina way

Vojvodina is known for its rich fertile plain, tambourines, various food and delicious dishes, which were prepared with love by our grandmothers, c...