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Awards for the Best at the Neoplanta "Sheer Abundance" Music Competition

07. 08. 2020

Votes from the audience and an expert jury decided on the winners among over sixty registered participants. Jovan Savic, who won first place, was awarded € 1,000 and the opportunity to appear on national television.

Neoplanta has been conquering our senses with its products for decades – the sense of smell, taste and sight. This summer Neoplanta has also conquered our sense of hearing with the already famous song “Sheer Abundance” composed for them by the band “Absolutno Romanticno “.
The recognizable beats have become a trademark of Neoplanta’s products, because bites consumed taking your time to enjoy them go best with music. In the desire to make “Sheer Abundance” heard by the wider public and also support musicians in the development of their creativity and careers, Neoplanta has organized a music competition. Over sixty registered participants  their showed their talent performing the song “Sheer Abundance”.

It is with great pleasure that we thank everyone who has participated, we are extremely pleased to have had such a large number of registrations, both from individuals and bands who have shown their creativity and music talent. Neoplanta will continue to invest in talents and real values. We congratulate the best, and  are especially pleased that the winner Jovan Savic, in addition to the cash prize, will also receive an opportunity to join the Absolutno Romanticno band  in a TV show, emphasized Andrea Stanimirovic, Jury Member and Brand Manager at Neoplanta.

Jovan Savic, the first-place winner, performed the song solo, but he didn’t just sing it he at the same time played several instruments thus preforming  the song in his own unique way. Second-place winner Djordje Denic captivated the audience with his voice and creative video spot. The third-place prize was awarded to the band “Lidji i Tamburasi“, which brought us the recognizable sounds of the plains and inseparable interwound music of the violin and tambourine.

The three best-ranked performers won cash prizes worth € 1000, € 700 and € 500. The awards were decided: by the votes of the audience via the “Sheer Abundance” YouTube channel, as well as by the votes of a three-member jury. The jury consisted of Petar Alvirovic, the frontman of the band Absolutno Romanticno, who composed the song “Sheer Abundance”, while the other two members were representatives of Neoplanta, Sasa Ciric, Marketing and Development Manager, and Andrea Stanimirovic, Brand Manager.