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Children's Day in Neoplanta

11. 10. 2022

One of the Favorite Days in Neoplanta is Children's Day, and This Year Was the Best One so Far

After two years of celebrating Children’s Day, under changed conditions due to the COVID 19 virus pandemic, we are very happy that this autumn Children’s Day was held in full splendor and sheer abundance, as we are all accustomed to. The theme of this year’s Children’s Day was superheroes, and the youngsters had to work together and use their super powers to free Pipi, Gudi and Curio, who were captured by the villains. The children of our employees enjoyed various games that we prepared for them – walking on stilts, walking on a tightrope, balancing on a ball, acrobatics on a trapeze and many other activities. After they had successfully completed all the tasks, they put together a puzzle that showed them where our mascots were hidden. They very quickly and easily defeated the evil witch and fulfilled their mission. All the children received a gift package for a job well done, and as we did not forget their parents, they also had the opportunity to have fun on some of the exercise equipment and awaken the child within.

In view of the fact that Children’s Day was also of humanitarian character, we would like to take this opportunity to praise all our colleagues who have donated clothing and toys for the children of the Drop in Center in Novi Sad. Together with the collected items, we also brought a certain amount of food to the Center to ease the difficult and cold period of the year ahead of them.

As Children’s Day is one of the favorite days of the year in our Company, we are glad that it had passed in the best way possible, in a good mood, socializing and with good weather. Colleagues entrusted with the organization have set themselves a serious task to next year surpass this year’s Children’s Day, while all the rest of us have to patiently wait for the next opportunity to socialize and together with our children nurture the child within.