Ana Vukmirović • Neoplanta

Ana Vukmirović

15. 08. 2021

Trade Marketing Manager

I started my career at Neoplanta in the position of Import and Export Specialist in April 2013. My career path went from the Export Department, via the Department for Business Development of Serbian Market, and now I am holding the position of Trade Marketing Manager. Together with my colleagues from the Marketing Department, I try to be as innovative and creative as possible in order to properly present the quality of our products and emphasize all their benefits.


Neoplanta is a company that knows how to recognize  people’s potential and that nurtures the development of employees as a special value. Teamwork and the support of colleagues were of great importance to me on this journey, and what I learned from the very beginning is that success comes from dedication and the constant desire to acquire new knowledge.


Aware of the fact that employees are the pillar of the Company’s success, Neoplanta offers excellent conditions for its team so that they are maximally motivated to contribute to the Company’s success and, of course, to work on their own development and for their own well-being. That is why I invite everyone interested in working in a great atmosphere, with expert mentors and hard-working teams to join us in story of sheer abundance of success.