Marko Radisavljević • Neoplanta

Marko Radisavljević

15. 08. 2021

Cannery Supervisor

In our market, there are very few companies that take care of their employees, as Neoplanta does, at the same time opening numerous opportunities, creating chances for improvement and introducing innovations, in order to remain the leader in its business field, because “”Neoplanta Is Quality””.

I have been in the Neoplanta team since the middle of 2015, where I first worked as a Technologist for Meat Salting and Semi-Automated Canning. Neoplanta very quickly saw my hard work and desire to improve, so I advanced relatively quickly to the position of Technologist for Semi-Durable Products, and not long after that I became Technologist for Durable Product Canning. With the acquisition of knowledge and experience, a new promotion followed – Supervisor for Durable Product Canning, which position I still hold today. Application of new technologies, introduction of innovations, participation in procurement and implementation of new process equipment present challenges that I face almost on a daily basis.

Interpersonal relations, open communication and team spirit are the things that characterize Neoplanta because sheer abundance does not set us apart it brings us together.”