Neoplanta Delikates • Neoplanta

Neoplanta Delikates brand products are prepared in the culinary tradition of Vojvodina, from the finest meat, and present an unavoidable part of the food served on every dining table. They are ideal for appetizers, making various meals and sandwiches, because due to their light aroma, they are easily combined with vegetables or meat. They are present in sheer abundance on dining tables all over Serbia, as well the regional markets. Neoplanta Delikates is at your service, so that you can enjoy your meals and indulge in hedonistic pleasures.

Neoplanta Delikates

"Sheer Abundance" in Vojvodina Style"

Neoplanta follows modern trends, combines traditional and innovative, improves recipes so that everyone can have an abundant feast and enjoy every bite. "Here in Vojvodina, sheer abundance is not something that sets us apart, but rather, sheer abundance is something that brings us together."
The sheer abundance of vast plains, the sheer abundance of food on dining tables, the sheer abundance of feelings nestled in the full hearts of hosts, these are messages of the Neoplanta Delikates brand, which has, in a short time, won the hearts and dining tables of many a host.