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Neoplanta is Employing Production Workers!

Novi Sad
Contract Full time job

Work tasks:
• Preparation and processing of raw materials for production on the cutter and mixer
• Injecting and salting of meat, working on vacuum tumbler
• Work on filler and clipper
• Monitoring quality of filling and product mass, as well as the correctness of print on product
• Heat treatment of products, work on autoclaves and pasteurization chambers (smokehouses)
• Packaging of finished products
• Adhering to and implementation of the HACCP system in production
• Maintenance and responsibility for the hygiene of workspace, machines and tools you use, as well as personal hygiene
• Auxiliary jobs on lines in production departments

Neoplanta offers:
• Employment Agreement
• Salary from RSD 45,000 to RSD 75,000
• Bonus payments for regular attendance at work from RSD 2,000 to RSD 12,000
• Additional health insurance
• Paid travel expenses
• Paid meals in Company’s restaurant
• Paid sanitary inspection
• Training for work in more responsible positions in production

If you are interested in this position, please call the following telephone numbers: 021/4873920, 064/8474938, 064/8474997 or 060/8318867.

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