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New Neoplanta Logo For New Tastes

28. 05. 2021

More than 250 designers from all over Serbia have participated in the Neoplanta award competition "Way Back Then and Now, Neoplanta Was and Is Novi Sad", and the winning solution came to us from Leskovac.

The competition was announced on in the objective of designing a new creative solution of for the – Neoplanta logo, with which we wanted to strengthen the connection with Novi Sad, whose Latin name our Company proudly bears.

Dusan Kitanovic, a graphic designer from Leskovac, won first place and a cash award of € 3,000, thus showing that he best understood the connection between Novi Sad and what Neoplanta is. The combination of traditional recipes, modern lifestyle and innovative technologies is clearly reflected in the new visual identity of our Company. That’s why the expert jury decided that his creative solution would represent the new symbol of Neoplanta.

On this occasion, we would like to thank all the designers and artists who have participated in the award competition and express our desire that they follow our activities and show their creativity in some future competition.