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New Vojvodina Style Kulen

19. 10. 2020

Vojvodina is well known for its rich fertile plains, tambourines, diverse food and delicious meals, which our grandmothers took time to prepared with love, carefully preserving the centuries-old tradition.

Food brings us together, gathers us around a table filled with sheer abundance, where we all take our time and enjoy each bite in leisure. It is precisely these values ​​that Neoplanta nurtures while at the same time following trends, combining traditional and innovative, improving recipes and offering perfect bites that empower us, but also take us back to our childhood…

The sheer abundance of vast plains, the sheer abundance of food on dining tables, the sheer abundance of feelings  nestled in the full hearts  of hosts are what make the Neoplanta Delikates brand special. Neoplanta Delikates now has a new product in its wide brand portfolio, a kulen with a unique, improved recipe that will win you over at first bite. This indispensable ingredient, present on all mezze platters, is made from the best quality pieces of pork, and its paprika, salt and meat ratio is that what masters of kulen jealously guard and pass down from generation to generation.

From 130 grams of meat Neoplanta gets 100 grams of Kulen, using its special recipe. The drying process takes place in special chambers where the Kulen “ripens” under controlled conditions. Kulen obtained in this way contains up to 23% protein and is without flavor enhancers. Thanks to all this, consumers have recognized the unique recipe and quality of the product. Neoplanta’s Kulen was rated best in the external blind test conducted by the Market and Public Opinion Research Agency Deep Dive from Belgrade.

The wide portfolio of Neoplanta Delikates products will satisfy the most diverse spectrum of tastes and is ideal for the upcoming festivity period honoring our Family Saints. For lovers of spicy flavors, there is the real Vojvodina style Kulen, as well as the unavoidable Tea and Budim Sausage.

Experienced housewives are already carefully choosing what to prepare for the Family Saint Day celebration, and we recommend to you an interesting Savory Cheesecake With Kulen recipe, which your guests will surely be delighted with.