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Poultry pate

So fine, tasty, spreadable, they are made from the best quality pieces of fillet and drumstick. Completely new recipes for chicken and chicken junior pate were created for the finest enjoyment of the whole family, while for those who like spicy food, we have also made chicken piquant pate with a unique spice that makes it just the right amount of spicy. We continue the series of quality products with turkey pate that melts perfectly on warm crusty bread, and it is loved by both children and the elder.
Our new poultry tastes, in addition to being so delicious, they are also FREE of gluten, preservatives, added colors and flavor enhancers, and they are also a good source of protein.

Fish pate

Patelina’s favorite and well-known tuna pâtés are an indispensable ingredient of every fasting meal, so we have not changed their high quality recipes. They are left just the way consumers like them, and although they are their favorite choice during the fasting period, they are happy to treat themselves with our such fine fish pâtés on any other day. Patelina fish pate range is a good source of protein and it does not contain preservatives or flavor enhancers.

“So fine, Patelina!”

Patelina pâté with its unique refined taste and exquisite aroma is one of Neoplanta’s most recognizable products. Available in several different flavors, of high quality, it will win you over at first bite. It is ideal for a quick meal, an excellent ingredient for canapés or sandwiches, which can also be combined with various types of vegetables and spices. For youngsters, there is also Patelina Junior, with a mild taste and a perfectly delicate texture.

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