Selection Process • Neoplanta

What does the candidate selection process look like?

Neoplanta's success is based on the success of its employees, and that is why our task is to, when conducting the recruitment and selection process, choose a candidate who best meets the requirements of the vacant position with his skills, knowledge and abilities. We are looking for dedicated, hard-working and enthusiastic candidates who base their work on the principles of responsibility, respect, openness and continuous development. Experience is not always crucial, therefore we can boast that among our colleagues there are a large number of those for whom Neoplanta is their first employer.


You have sent your CV – what’s the next step?

This is probably the first question you ask yourself when applying for a job. At Neoplanta, we implement a unique candidate selection process, based on providing equal opportunities.

Step 2

After your applications arrive and the application time expires, our HR experts review the received CVs, based on the conditions stipulated in the advertisement.

Step 3

Candidates who meet the stipulated conditions shall be invited to do a test.

The type of test that the candidates will take depends on the job position for which they are applying, and we believe that it is nowhere near as difficult as it is usually described by candidates on forums. The most important thing is to trust your own knowledge. You will find out the test results in about 20 minutes.

Step 4

All those who pass the test will be invited to our premises where they will have the opportunity to talk with representatives of the HR Department and Managers of Departments seeking to fill the vacant position  for which the candidates have applied.
Our goal is to get to know each other better and examine your skills and competencies for performing specific work positions. You are expected to be natural and relaxed, in order to present your true self.

At the end of each stage of the selection process, candidates receive feedback on the outcome of the interview. At each stage some candidates will be eliminated.