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Sheer Abundance Music Award Competition

25. 06. 2020

Neoplanta's products are enjoyed by all senses - smell, taste, sight, and recently also the sense of hearing!

Have you heard the song from the Neoplanta commercial? The melody has probably “caught your ear”, in which the sounds of the tambourine call you into the embrace of the rich plains of Vojvodina.

In order to further “spice up” the story this summer, Neoplanta is organizing a music award competition on the “Sheer Abundance” YouTube channel. All artists are invited to record their version of the “Sheer Abundance” song. The three best-ranked performers shall win cash prizes worth €1,000, €700 and €500.

In this way, Neoplanta wants to support musicians in the development of their creativity and careers. Please send your registrations by July 12th, 2020 to

The song “Sheer Abundance” was specially composed by the band “Absolutno Romanticno” for the purposes of the campaign, but it quickly became a favorite of the audience, a real “trademark” of the Neoplanta Delikates brand.

You can find the original song by clicking on the link:

You can find the song matrices by clicking on the link: i

Please find information containing  the details on General Rules and  Decision on extending the registration and voting period for the music award competition “Sheer Abundance”, in the documentation  attached to this announcement.

Do not hesitate to contact the Organizer via email

Good luck!