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Sheer Abundance of Festivities, Sheer Abundance of Caution and Care

15. 11. 2020

Host your guests in their own home. For only RSD 999.00, send a mezze platter on a rotating board, to your guests, at their home address.

For more than a century, Neoplanta has nurtured family values ​​and the Vojvodina lifestyle, which implies that everything is done in a leisurely fashion.  Neoplanta combines the traditional and the innovative, improves recipes and offers perfect bites that energize, but also take us back to our childhood. The wide portfolio of Neoplanta Delikates products will satisfy the most diverse range of tastes.

Even in these challenging times, Neoplanta has found a way to meet the needs of its customers and to, in an interesting way, help them treat their guests in the safety of their own homes, because at Neoplanta we have a Sheer Abundance of Festivities With a Sheer Abundance of Caution and Care.

Although the current situation affects many habits, including the way we will be celebrating our Family Saint Day this year, Neoplanta has a proposal on how to honor all those whom you cannot host in your home and make them part of an important day for your family. Thanks to the new project “Serve Your Guest in Sheer Abundance in His Own Home” you can make your loved ones happy, in their home when they can’t come to you. Residents of Novi Sad will have the opportunity to order a gift package online via website or call center on the occasion their Family Saint Day and send a fresh, prearranged board with mezze delicacies that will arrive at the home address of their guests. Mezze delicacies include: rotating board, Budim Sausage, Kulen, Vojvodina Sausage, Fustuk Sausage with Cheese as well as cheese.

The phone number at which the package can be ordered is 0800 110 110 (this is a toll free number). The price of the package is RSD 999.00, and the service plate shall arrive within the next 48 hours from the time of order receipt.