Significant Investment of Neoplanta Amounting to EUR 7.7 Million • Neoplanta

Significant Investment of Neoplanta Amounting to EUR 7.7 Million

04. 10. 2022

Neoplanta Continuously Invests in Production Facilities, Increasing Energy Efficiency and Environmental Protection

Neoplanta signed an important Agreement with the Development Agency of Serbia (DAS), and the planned investments amounts to €7.7 million. The investments will mostly be aimed at improving energy efficiency and automatization of certain segments of production.

Thanks to many years of investments in environmental and other significant projects, Neoplanta was recognized as a company that operates according to the highest European standards and was in August granted a permit for Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control (IPPC permit). The Agreement concluded with DAS is a confirmation that our Company has long-term plans for business improvement.

“We believe that investments are necessary for a healthy operation of any system, which is why we constantly, indirectly through investments, return part of our profit to nature, consumers, and employees. At Neoplanta, we strive to continuously invest in raising the quality of our products, because our consumers deserve this, in raising the quality of the working conditions of our employees through automatization of production processes, as well as investments aimed at environmental protection,” stated Aco Tomasevic, CEO at Neoplanta.

Neoplanta, which bears the initial name of Novi Sad, has from 2010 to the present made significant investments amounting to over € 30 million. One of the investments that stands out, amounting to € 2,5 million, is the modern waste water treatment plant that prevents pollution of the Danube-Tisa-Danube canal, thus preserving its biodiversity. In addition to this, part of these funds are aimed at reducing CO2 emissions.