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Award Competition "Way Back Then and Now, Neoplanta Was and Is Novi Sad"

26. 02. 2021

Register and win € 3000!

Neoplanta decided to change its visual identity and thus strengthen the connection with the City of Novi Sad, whose Latin name is bears. That is the reason why we have announced an award competition for designing a logo, which will give creative individuals from all over Serbia an opportunity to show their skills and win € 3,000. This announcement contains all the rules and guidelines for designing of creative solution for – logo. The participants must send their art work to the e-mail

All citizens of Serbia of legal age, who meet the competition criteria, have the right to participate in the competition, and an expert jury consisting of a representative of Neoplanta, a representative of the City of Novi Sad and a representative of the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad will select the winner. Competition registrations can be submitted from March 1st to April 5th, and the winner shall be announced on April 29th. Good luck!

General-rules-of-the-award-competition-Way-Back-Then-and-Now- Neoplanta-Was-and-Is-Novi-Sad
Decision-on-holding-of award-competition -Way-Back-Then-and-Now- Neoplanta-Was-and-Is-Novi-Sad
Brief-for-designing -of- Neoplanta -logo