Children's Day • Neoplanta

Children's Day

15. 08. 2021

The most fun summer event in Neoplanta, the traditional Children's Day, was last celebrated. . .

The most fun summer event in Neoplanta, the traditional Children’s Day, was last celebrated on June 9th, 2020. This seventh in a row Children’s Day, combined two events – International Children’s Day and World Environment Day, and its theme was hence Eco Children’s Day. Through creatively designed games, children were taught what environmental responsibility means and how to conserve nature. They made toys and objects from recycled materials (cardboard, old bottles, corks, egg boxes, etc.), cork mosaics, planted flowers, and later gave their masterpieces to their parents.

Surrounded by music, animation, fruits and gifts, the children enjoyed their day, and at the end of the socializing, symbolically planted a tree in the vicinity of our factory. With this gesture, we wanted to develop healthy habits in children from the young age and send a message that taking care of yourself and your environment is one of the main values we nurture, both in Neoplanta and outside of it.

We are proud to have hosted 130 children and their parents  😊