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When you need a light and quick meal, which will be tasty and keep you full, the ideal solution is Pipi, which has become a favorite product from the youngest to the oldest consumers. Pipi is an excellent choice for fun and quick meals that will be consumed by all generations. In addition to the mini and standard package, you can also find Pipi in a larger economic pack, which is an indispensable item, present on every family dining table.


We have made Gudi Sausages for those who desire a stronger taste compared to Pipi. Due to its uniqueness, it is an unavoidable ingredient of the best sandwiches, and therefore it is an imperative starting from breakfasts, snacks, and all the way to dinner. Big families love great pleasures, and the Gudi family pack will satisfy the apetite of everyone present at the table.


Something completely different and something you will definitely not be able to resist is the new Curi Sausage. It is an excellent choice if you want a quick, tasty, and at the same time fun meal for your little ones. In addition to enriching your table, it will also contribute to a tastier dish. The pleasant aroma and even better taste of Curi sausage makes it possible to combine with other ingredients, and so with easy and fun preparation, your every bite will be special.

When modern technology, quality and good marketing come together, this results in the creation of Pipi and Gudi brands, a favorite among the younger generation, especially because of their recognizable mascots chick Pipi and piglet Gudi. Under the slogan: “Slice, stack, eat” you can make a sandwich in a few minutes or use hot dogs for more creative bites. Find interesting recipes and try to make your own original Pipi and Gudi dish which you can share with us.

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