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Dual Education Klett

15. 08. 2021

By investing in the development of our employees, we are investing in the future of our Company.

Recognizing the importance of continuous development of employees, we have joined the training program “Maintenance of Mechatronic Systems”, implemented using a dual approach model, by the Belgrade Branch of Ernst Klett Präsenzlernen Osteuropa GmbH, one of the most modern institutions in our region, in the domain of dual education.

Three of our colleagues from the Technical Department are participants in this training course and have the opportunity to, in addition to the classes that take place in the training center, work daily on practical solutions to challenges arising during the processes themselves, applying the knowledge and skills acquired in theoretical classes. They in this manner contribute to a better and more optimal functioning of work equipment, spreading of knowledge, and sharing it with others, because knowledge multiplies when shared.