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At the Strand Under a Sheer Abundance of Shade

18. 03. 2022

As the previous week of March was declared "Planting Week", our Company decided to join the campaign and provide its fellow citizens with ample shade on the Strand by planting sycamore trees.

As part of “Planting Week“, Neoplanta has on Monday, March 14th planted sycamore trees on Novi Sad’s Strand beach, which will provide residents and tourists with a sheer abundance of shade even on the hottest days. The new trees are located on the green area next to the Kamenica Bridge, and the entire project was implemented with the support of City Greenery.

“During the first meeting with the people from City Greenery, we realized that we had something in common, and that is the sycamore tree that bears the name Sheer Abundance, the same as our slogan. We wanted to leave something for the future, a mark left by our generation, because as a genuine Vojvodina and Novi Sad based company, we want to participate in the lives of our fellow citizens and help our City”, said Sasa Ciric, Marketing and Development Manager at Neoplanta.

Because people are our first priority, both inside and outside our Company, we strive to provide better living conditions for everyone. In addition to greening of the areas, the plan is to install planters with trees near the Novi Sad Railway Station, which is currently being renovated. Among other “green” projects, we have also built a wastewater treatment plant, so that biodiversity in the Danube-Tisa-Danube canal would not be destroyed.

On this occasion, we would like to emphasize that this is not the end of Neoplanta’s “green” initiatives, but that, as a socially responsible Company that invests in the local community, and especially in our City of Novi Sad, we will continue to take care of our living space, for the benefit of all of us.
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